A Portrait of the Cambridgeshire Artist Peter Corr

You don't have to go into exile to become an artist as James Joyce suggested in his novel, and nor will you remain a young man forever. But, you can still follow an aesthetic journey through life and strive for a level of autonomy and individuality like Stephen Dedalus, the main character in Joyce's novel, 'A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man'.

I will be publishing posts about my experience of painting and how I continue to navigate that particular aesthetic odyssey. It is a continuing dialogue, sometimes exciting and exhilarating and also frequently deeply frustrating. You will see how I use and combine different materials to generate new ideas and endeavour to dismantle and overcome the inevitable roadblocks and creative cul-de-sacs'. Please feel free to join in the discussion with your own thoughts, knowledge and insights, I very much welcome different opinions and viewpoints.