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A landscape painting of the Cambridgeshire Fenland 'Ersatz Landen' by Peter Corr

Abstract Landscape by Peter Corr
Ersatz Landen 130 x 100 cm Oil on canvas

Reclaimed land, artificial channels and man-made trenches etch deep lines through the Fenland landscape. The flat expanse of landscape reaches the distant horizon and layers of earth are alternately churned and compacted through the cycle of growth, harvesting and renewal. Here, the land occupies two different worlds... it's a form of memory loss or schizophrenia. Drained of the ocean and protected by a network of embankments, dykes and channels the land falls relentlessly, below sea level, remembering nothing.

Abstract painting by Peter Corr
Close-up of Artwork

The painting is semi-abstract and expressionistic in terms of technique and style. The surface texture of the painting, combining oil paint and cold wax medium allows the exploration of erosion and replacement. The material is applied with a variety of tools including brushes and palette knives. The surface is built up in layers and glazes over a period of time.


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