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Painting with cold wax and enamels. 'The Gilded Age' 100 x 100 cm on Canvas.

Gold abstract contemporary painting 'The Gilded Age' 100 x 100 cm on Canvas
The Gilded Age 100 x 100 cm Oil on Canvas

This is a multi layered mixed media oil painting on a high quality canvas frame. This painting represents a development of my New Forest series and continues my engagement with nature and land. The surface consists of multiple layers of oil and cold wax, with a marked impasto and textural qualities.

Abstract painting by Peter Corr displayed in a room
Displayed in a room

The gold enamel has a soft patina and mirrors elements of the colour and tones of the immediate environment. Gold has been applied selectively to some of the vertical forms and provides intense points of a golden reflective light.

The painting engages with ideas of growth, flowering and renewal.

Close-up of Artwork


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