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Welcome to Peter Corr's Art Gallery; discover original oil & cold 

wax paintings by a contemporary British abstract landscape artist. His art blog shares painting techniques, art inspirations,

 art workshops, exhibitions & events, and stunning

Fenland photography.

Photography by Peter Corr

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Abstract Collection - This collection of paintings is concerned with surface texture and abstraction. All of the work here has been created using oil paint and cold wax medium.  The cold wax encourages an experimental approach and the creation of associated chance effects. The process of working with wax is a celebration of nature, change, growth and the unexpected. Rich textural elements and marked impasto can be employed to generate a sense of time passing depth and perceptual depth.

Each painting is the product of selected materials and chance events, combined with the formal elements of control and physical dexterity resulting in the creation of highly original, tactile, and innovative abstract pieces.

Landscape Collection - This collection of paintings is based on nature and landscape. There are two main themes in this collection. There are paintings that document my continuing response to the Cambridgeshire Fenlands and a series of works representing my experience of the New Forest in Hampshire. The paintings in both collections are created using oil and cold wax medium. 

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