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A Fenland Landscape in Cambridgeshire. ‘Westmoor’ From Pymoor towards Little Downham.

‘Westmoor’ 100 x 150 x 4cm

‘Westmoor’ (Detail)

The Fens around Ely come to life with colour at this time of year. The intense yellow of the rapeseed provides a complementary contrast to the cool blues and soft greys of the Summer Cambridgeshire skies. This landscape painting in acrylic follows the traditional conventions of representation and uses the framing device of the ‘window on the world’. The twin furrows of the tractor and the ever diminishing telegraph poles lead the eye upwards and over the brow of the hill to a place that beckons but is ultimately beyond our reach, unknowable. We are always gently off balance, on an incline, convinced we are moving forwards.

#painting #acrylicpaintingtechnique #acrylicmedium #cambridgeshire #acryliclandscapepainting #artist #Fenlandlandscape #LandscapePainting

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