Contemporary Landscape Painting: Recognising and overcoming self-delusion

Oil paint and cold wax is a seductive combination and it is easy to convince yourself that you have created a magical and wonderful painting. The emotion and feelings are genuine but often fail to reflect the reality. I guess all my paintings follow a similar psychological trajectory, the well-travelled journey from anticipation to elation to disillusionment.

Peter Corr original wax abstract landscape painting buy online
'Alluvial Valley' 100 x 130 cm Oil & Cold Wax on Canvas

Oil & Cold Wax on Canvas original artwork by peter corr oil one hundred years of solitude
Close-up of artwork

Leaving the studio, absolutely certain I have created a work of compelling aesthetic significance, I return in the morning to see the opposite simply doesn't work.

Close-up of artwork by Peter Corr oil wax painting one hundred years of solitude
Close-up of artwork

I guess this is a lesson in life. We need to tell ourselves that there will be a series of peaks - and troughs - before the summit is terms of painting, we should perhaps be grateful that the summit may forever be beyond our reach.

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