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Contemporary Landscape Painting: Recognising and overcoming self-delusion

Oil paint and cold wax is a seductive combination and it is easy to convince yourself that you have created a magical and wonderful painting. The emotion and feelings are genuine but often fail to reflect the reality. I guess all my paintings follow a similar psychological trajectory, the well-travelled journey from anticipation to elation to disillusionment.

Peter Corr original wax abstract landscape painting buy online
'Alluvial Valley' 100 x 130 cm Oil & Cold Wax on Canvas (Click on image to enlarge)

Oil & Cold Wax on Canvas original artwork by peter corr oil one hundred years of solitude
Close-up of artwork (Click on image to enlarge)

Leaving the studio, absolutely certain I have created a work of compelling aesthetic significance, I return in the morning to see the opposite simply doesn't work.

Close-up of artwork by Peter Corr oil wax painting one hundred years of solitude
Close-up of artwork (Click on image to enlarge)

I guess this is a lesson in life. We need to tell ourselves that there will be a series of peaks - and troughs - before the summit is terms of painting, we should perhaps be grateful that the summit may forever be beyond our reach.


Thank you for reading my contemporary art blog. Please take the opportunity to look at my collection of paintings in the online gallery. All of my paintings are original artworks on high-quality canvas frames. If you are interested in purchasing a specific painting, please get in touch to check current availability or to discuss a commission. Please contact me.

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