'Embarkation Point' New work on show at the Battersea Art Fair 21st - 24th October 2021

This is a 60 x 60 cm mixed media abstract painting based on the Fenland landscape. For me, the land of the Cambridgeshire Fens is a 'will o' the wisp', a mirage, existing only with the aqueisecence of the sea. Pumping stations, sluices and man-made channels act Canute like, holding back but merely postponing the inevitable. This cycle of recovery and reclamation a temporary reprieve as the land level continues to sink and dykes are built ever higher to protect from flooding. The fragile balance between land and sea teeters on the brink as tidal waters ebb and flow with increasing energy. We will reach an 'embarkation point', probably sooner than we expect.