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Peter Corr is an emerging contemporary abstract landscape artist based in Cambridgeshire, UK. He has exhibited his large oil paintings around East Anglia and UK for over 10 years now. His original unique paintings based on the Fenlands are becoming increasingly popular, and to get the chance to see some of his work in person, you can find his latest artworks on display at the 2022 Summer Exhibition at the Babylon Gallery, ongoing at the Linton Daryl Nantais Gallery and you're likely to discover new pieces each time at Art in East Anglia!

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Peter Corr brings artwork to The Darryl Nantais Gallery

His recent work is inspired by the dramatic and expansive landscape of the Fenlands. As a painter, he has always been fascinated by the movement towards abstract art and the progressive simplification of subject matter, form, and colour. The selection of paintings below gives you a taste of these alongside his very popular selling series on the New Forest.

Watch this video to meet Peter Corr in his own Art Studio discussing his latest paintings, art techniques, processes, inspirations and much more.

We hope to see you around the Cambridgeshire art galleries and exhibition! If you can't wait until then, you can buy Peter Corr's art online! Simply find an artwork that you love on the Art Gallery and contact us directly to find an artwork for your home. All artworks are for sale and commissions are welcomed. We look forward to hearing from you to guide you through the process to buy art online from the UK to anywhere in the world. Another option is to come to one of the Affordable Art Fairs in England, he is a must-see artist at the affordable art fairs, come back to find details on free tickets to future fairs too.

Upcoming Exhibitions and Art Fairs

I will be exhibiting abstract landscape artwork inspired by the Fenlands in Britain at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, London this October 20-23. I will be exhibiting with Linton 59 and Darryl Nantais Art Gallery is representing my artwork. I do hope you can be there and see my artworks up close.

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Peter Corr at the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2022 with Linton 59

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Art Buyers and Collectors: How To Buy an original Peter Corr artwork

If you take a look at my art gallery and would like to purchase an original oil painting, you can email my Art Representative, Karl, at The Darryl Nantais Gallery Ltd on or get in contact via the contact form on his website Please add the name/title of the artwork in your message. It may have already sold, but if that is the case, don't worry, you can request a commissioned piece and get a painting you will love.

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Thank you for reading my contemporary art blog. Please take the opportunity to look at my collection of paintings in the online gallery. All of my paintings are original artworks on high-quality canvas frames. If you are interested in purchasing a specific painting, please get in touch to check current availability or to discuss a commission. Please contact me.

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