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Studio Work in Development: Creating Texture & Tactile Surfaces

geometric expressive abstract landscape, rich colours, blues, yellows, reds
The Archeology of Thought 60 x 60 cm Oil on Cradled Board

Painting is simultaneously a very simple and very complex activity. The application of pigment on a flat surface couldn't be more straightforward, yet the way we respond to those marks, shapes, colours and textures is a source of mystery. At the heart of this conundrum is our desire to interpret and find meaning.

Even with non-representational abstract work, we search for spatial qualities, for representations of form, depth and space. Our default position is that paintings are a 'window on the world', a representation of reality. Contemporary artists often talk about preserving the integrity of the picture plane and strive for a purity of form, detached from the tyranny of verisimilitude, the visual object. But we never completely escape the gravitational pull of realism, our internal pattern making and referencing systems simply won't allow it.

Thank you for reading my contemporary art blog. Please take the opportunity to look at my collection of paintings in the online gallery. All of my paintings are original artworks on high-quality canvas frames. If you are interested in purchasing a specific painting, please get in touch to check current availability or to discuss a commission. Please contact me.

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