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The Visual Poetry of Dublin’s Streets: The St. JA, Purveyors of Fine W.

Peter Corr Monochrome Photography

The St. JA, Purveyors of Fine W

They say that Dublin is the City of Literature and I have to agree. It may not be W.B, Yeats or Seamus Heaney but this once fine public house is an unsung wordsmith, conjuring a poetic language of its own as it self edits into oblivion. Will you be having a jar at the St. Ja? Tis the patron saint of jars and the finest purveyors of fine W’s this side of the River Liffey. And me Darlin, says I, I don’t mind if I do.

#Dublin #ireland #poetry #blackandwhitephotography #monochromestreetphotography #PublicHouse

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