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‘Till’ A landscape painting by Peter Corr

Abstract Landscape Peter Corr-39

‘Till’ by Peter Corr 60 x 60 cm

The Fenlands are highly productive agricultural land and at this time of year, farmers can be seen ploughing and tilling the earth in readiness for the next year. The tilling blades comb the topsoil, mixing and aerating as they are dragged across the fields. I have used plaster, oil and cold wax medium, alternately scoring and layering the materials to recreate the furrowed surface. The late evening light at this time of year has a warm soft glow that I have tried to capture with gold iridescent paint.

Abstract Landscape Peter Corr-52

Detail of ‘Till’ by Peter Corr

Abstract Landscape Peter Corr-47.jpg

Detail of ‘Till’ by Peter Corr


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