'White Water': A painting based on the rivers and skies of the Fenlands: 150 x 100 cm

'Elisabeth Sherman, a curator at the Whitney Museum in New York, says that: “White isn’t ever a pure thing, white is always tinted in some way.” It’s convenient, then, to think of the fact that there’s no single white, but many whites with distinct bases, textures, reflections, and nuances. Thus, a white painting (like silence which can have its own sound, if one pays attention) takes on a whole new dimension: it can deploy dynamics, shapes, sounds, and, if we’re looking well, can even tell stories'.

This abstract painting reflects the natural world and landscape of the Cambridgeshire Fenlands, the rivers, waterways, and vast windswept skies. In Summer, clouds gather and collect above the horizon, their evolving journeys mirrored in channels etched into the land.

Materials: Acrylic base, Oil, Cold wax, Enamel, Pumice Stone.